Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"The Road Home" online now!

The filmmakers wanted to take the time out to say thanks to all of those who have continued to show interest and support for The Road Home." Now March is upon us and many have expressed interest in obtaining a copy of the movie via DVD, at this time, a DVD version of the movie is being produced, but will not be ready for distribution for at least a few more weeks. So with the growing interest in the movie, we the Filmmakers are proud to present an exciting way to let all enjoy The Road Home one more time, or maybe even for the first time.

Starting today, The Road Home will be shown in its entirety here on this website. To make the movie easier to stream, it has been broken up into three parts running about 30 minutes each. Part one is live now, Part two will be live on Friday, March 13. Part 3 will be live on Sunday, March 15. For those with slower internet connections there will be a low resolution version of the movie, along with a high resolution version of the movie. Simply click on the “Videos” section of this website to let you viewing begin. Thank you to all who have been supportive of the film, and please stay tuned for more information on DVDs in the coming weeks.