Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Sit Down with Tyson Smith

Since completing The Road Home, Tyson Smith, who plays Will, has been a very busy man. In addition to moving to LA, he has also been busy working on a new project. I had a chance to speak with him last week, and he was kind enough to take a trip down memory lane and reflect back on the movie. (Tyson)
How are you today? I'm good. I've been busy, but doing alright.
So have you seen the movie? I had the chance to see a rough cut a few months back and really enjoyed it.
You play Will in the movie, in your own words; tell us a little about Will. Will is a normal guy from a normal little town. He just wants to be happy, but has some trouble figuring out where to find that happiness. He struggles with being more assertive in his actions and I think it’s due to the fact that he's uncertain what will make him happy.
Most of your scenes are with Geoff James and Aaron Smith, who two completely different types of people, not to mention their characters were complete opposites as well, what was it like working with them? Tell us a little about how their characters affect and drive Will. Both Geoff and Aaron are very talented actors and they were great to work with. Geoff's and Aaron's characters are sort of like the angel and demon on the shoulders of Will. Geoff's character tries to make sure Will does the right thing and walks a straight line, while Aaron's character humorously urges Will to be the bad boy and go after his desires. Will sometimes becomes annoyed with one or the other... or both for that matter.
And then there’s Laura Clark… Ah, yes... Laura. Is she still play'n the spoons for money? Anyways, she was great and I really enjoyed working with her.
So how would you describe your overall experience working on The Road Home? Working on The Road Home has been my best experience working in film, thus far. I learned a lot, I met great people, made lasting friendships, rode in the back of moving truck while operating a camera strapped to the tailgate, ate BBQ, rolled in the dirt, laughed a lot, and spent one summer+ making something I truly enjoyed! I just want to say thanks for giving me that opportunity.
Since finishing the movie, you’ve relocated to LA, how’s that going? It's going alright. I've been pretty busy trying to clear my schedule of the daily grind and allow myself the chance to do what I actually came out here for. Besides that, I've made an effort to get out and see the city and all it has to offer - I really like it here.
What’s next for Tyson Smith? Currently, in an effort to stay creatively active, I've been writing a comedic webisode with another filmmaker friend of mine. We're hoping to begin production in 2009. I'll keep you posted.
Thank you Tyson, and we look forward to seeing that when it's finished.

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